Commercial office space in Denmark advises foreign companies on commercial office space for rent in Denmark.

The service is free and non-binding for the tenant. runs one of the leading Danish portals concerning commercial office space for rent in Denmark. We help foreign companies looking for commercial office space in creating the first decisive contact to the providers.

We are in contact with the greater part of the providers of commercial property in Denmark in terms of:



Storage and production




Office hotel


Virtual office



Visit our homepage and fill in the form with your search criteria. Hereafter you will be contacted with information on non-binding offers on commercial office space in Denmark.

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About was founded in January 2009 and has quickly become one of the most visited market places for letting out commercial office space in Denmark. On the portal, companies can find a vast number of vacant leases within office, storage, production and retail. co-operates with most of the larger and a range of minor providers of commercial office space in Denmark. works as an independent part in relation to the office space represented on the site. We deliver objective and comparable information regarding vacant offices to Danish companies looking for new office space. For foreign clients can elaborate a search based upon the company’s criteria and establish a contact to the relevant providers who then take direct contact to the company.  

As a company wanting to rent an office, it is easy and quick for you to register. After this, we send you relevant offers on office space in Denmark.
Below you can read more about the different types of commercial office space in Denmark represented on

Office space for rent in Denmark works as an intermediary in Denmark of office space in all sizes and prices all over Denmark. Whether you need an office for 1 person or 1 work station or you want to install a new head office with office space and common facilities for the whole company, we can find it for you.

Storage and production space in Denmark 
Storage and production space is primarily located in the surroundings of the larger cities of Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg. We are in contact with all the biggest providers and with a wide range of smaller providers on the market of production and warehouse space. 

Retail for rent in Denmark
Large offer of retail in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg and in a number of smaller towns. We pass on leases, from smaller shops to big concept stores in prime leases.

Office hotels in Denmark
The market for office hotels and office communities is big and varied in Denmark. You have the possibility to rent a single work station in a minor office community or to rent a whole floor in a professional business centre. In a business centre your company has access to fully furnished offices and to a wide range of services. e.g. meeting rooms, reception and telephone service.

Virtual Office in Denmark
With a virtual office in a business centre, a foreign company can be present in Denmark in a cost efficient and hassle free way.  You can choose between many prime addresses in Denmark. In a business centre your calls and mail are handled to your exact instructions by professional staff. In addition to this, you can book meeting rooms and offices on an hourly basis.